About Us
Our History
HighOutput Engineering,LLC is the culmination of 20+ years experience in the
motorsports industry for Jim Haines. Jim has worked alongside some of the best people
that the motorsports industry has to offer, and has learned a great deal about the inner
workings of an internal combustion racing engine. He realizes that every detail has a
process and that there are no short cuts to achieve maximum performance and
We implement  the attention to detail that it takes to help you win the championships
that you strive for.
Our Technology
We utilize the latest in technology to create our Cylinder Heads. Our computer software
allows us to analyze the cross sectional area of the port to achieve the proper size ports
for any given application.  Full 5 axis CNC porting to guarantee port to port duplication.
Rottler SGF7 valve work, Superflow 600 flow bench and loaded with quality parts
assure you of a superior product.
Our Mission
HighOutput Engineering,LLC wants to see you accomplish your performance goals.  We
provide consistency from development to application.  Drawing from experience and a
generous knowledge of air flow studies, your bike will be thankful you found H.O.E.
HighOutput Engineering, LLC